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For Get Crack There's A New Trend Kids Smoking Candy!

It seems innocent, kids smoking candy... It happens in lunch rooms, on playgrounds and maybe in your own home.. But doctors and safety experts say this new trend isn’t so sweet... Smoking candy certainly doesn’t have the same negative effects as smoking real cigarettes, but there are some health risks.Safety experts say kids are doing it, and they want parents to be aware of it, and to communicate with their teens...The candy of choice is Smarties to be exact...It’s a fad that’s sweeping the country...Children and teens are grinding small candy wafers into a fine powder, then sucking it through the wrapper or pouring it into their mouths, and blowing out the dust, mimicking a smoker’s exhale...A quick search on you-tube pulls up dozens of how-to videos created by children of all ages...Some clips even show children snorting the sweet stuff.
Drug Safety Expert Peggy Sapp says, ”Before I was sent the youtube videos, I had never heard of smoking and snorting smarties. It’s quite a phenom…