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Church Folks!

Have you every met someone who's up set over the treatment they received at the hands of church folks? You no folks who condemn instead of help? Or who neglected folks when they should have sought them out, restored them spiritually and returned them to the flock? I have! and it's a hard job to witness to hurt people...I work with a sista who's mad as hell right now with her church and husband....She has stop going to church and seem to be giving up...Hurt church folks can easily convince a jury it should never have happen...And it shouldn't! But it did and reliving it won't change it! I ask the sista to think with me one moment: If she were mugged and taken to the hospital would she spend all her time obsessing about the mugger who beat her up, would she? No, Her main concern would be recovering as fast as possible! Ironically, with physical wounds we seek help immediately, but emotional ones we're inclined to focus on the problem instead of the solu…