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Can Life Shut You Down?

Death is universal, everybody dies, but not everyone lives I don’t know how long I’m going to live….It doesn’t make any difference to me. If I die tomorrow, that’s fine. I’m ready to go, but I want to live until that last moment.

Have you heard of a Retirement Syndrome? that brings depression, anxieties, frustrations, suicide etc. Do you know that you can be bored to death?
For years, I’ve noticed that my mother would often shut down.

My mother shut down to me when she had a look in her eyes like any day now I am ready to go home to get my reward. My mother was 70 years of age when said made her transition to the other side. She had a passionate for fishing she would fish all day and come home with no fish. Were is the fish? she would say "I didn't even get a nibble."

Up until that point, she had lived with purpose and direction. She had even been passionate about some other aspect of her life. But something happens. The children all left home. You could see the boredo…