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Women With Big Feet.

Jodi Grace is riding a trend: Feet are getting bigger. I will agree with that. I can remember when my feet was a size 9 now I can wear a size 10 and some 10.5. I don't know what happen or why my feet move up a size. My daughter is the same thing, she can wear a size 11 when she use to wear a 10 also. I know that the sizing has change because all the large size in the stores are gone 1st. The small sizes are always left for clearance sale. Why don't stores order more larger size from the start with. So I can find my size when I need new shoes.

A New Specialty Shop Offers Large Shoes For Large Feet.

Jodi Grace is not a big woman, only 5 feet 2 with a proportionate size 7 shoe. But like the market she is addressing, she knows people with big feet.

"When a woman has big feet, all her friends and family know it," said Grace, who in October opened Big Foot, a store that caters to women needing large shoes.

Grace's best friend is a size 12 so she has heard the stories for …