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Sarah Jakes Moving Into A Leadership Postion!

I see Bishop Jakes has added a "PK" (preacher's kids) session to  his leadership conference in April, that will be hosted by his beautiful daughter Sarah.

According to the website, this session will clue you into the hard-hitting truth that all leaders are human. Sarah Jakes, having lived her entire life in the broad shadows of a great man and graceful woman, will expound on what every leader should know: your honesty and willingness to show others your true self makes ministry so much easier. Transparency, Dropping the Mask Makes It Easier for Others to Share.
 "No more than a dentist can escape having cavities, can a leader (Pastor) escape trouble. Just because you have access to the solution, doesn't mean you escape the problem. The true beauty in ministry is admitting that we still require the same grace we help lead others to." - Sarah Jakes  My Facebook timeline suddenly erupted with the sharing of this message and info.