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Samesex Marriage Is Not The Cause Of Divorce.

The justices’ 4-3 decision Thursday says domestic partnerships are not a good enough substitute for marriage. In my opinion the Bible has already stated what's consider a marriage so, I will go with that. My argument is that same sex marriage is not at fault for all the divorces we have within the body of Christ. let's look at some of those causes (1). Adultery (2). Money and
(3) Communication. As Christian I think we should be working on how to keep the Christian Marriage together more so than on things that have already been established by God before the beginning of time. By not allowing same sex marriage will it stop so many divorces? I don't think so. I believe that God allow things to continue but He will judge it all at the judgment seat of Christ on that day. I believe it's in our power to not break the covenant that we made before God when we took our vows. What is your take on Same Sex Marriage? Should they be allowed to marry?