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Sam Cooke The Triumph And Tragedy Of A Soul Singer.

If you're a fan of Sam Cooke and live in the Detroit area sure to check out the stage play"The Life of SAM" written by Robert Douglas and  Johnnie's the triumph and tragedy of a soul will  have the chance to revisit the good old, GOSPEL days with Sam Cooke, the Highway QC's, and The Soul Stirrers singing Gospel for the Soul.
I've always been a fan of Sam Cooke's early work especially the years he was part of the Soul Stirrers....Sam Cooke started his musical career singing gospel music with The Singing Children, which was made up of his siblings,and  was lead singer of the Highway QC's, and later lead singer of The Soul Stirrers...Sam Cook spent several years performing gospel music and even signed The Soul Stirrers to the record label Specialty Records where their hits "Peace in the Valley" and "How Far Am I From Canaan" were recorded. Of course, Sam Cooke was not destined to sing gospel fore…