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Me Time!

Today marked the day that I have committed to weight loss. Not only have I FINALLY decided to begin running for my life again. I must also give up some foods that's I am addicted to, mainly Sugar. Yesterday I had a visit to the Dr office and my blood pressure was extremely high. I have never had problems before now. My mother died from a masses heart attack at 70 years old. The Dr. let me no that most likely I had the same gene. My bottom number was too high; it was over a 100. He informed me that salt must be remove from my diet and stress from my life. I made up my mind that it’s time for some serious changes to occur in my life. Well I already no what works for my body type that's a combination of weight lifting and running or speed walking. But, I am afraid to run in Jacksonville because of all the senseless crimes. Please don't show me a treadmill, "hate it" I have never had a fear to cripple me like living in Fl has. I no I must a…