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Obama Sell Magazines.

Has Obama generated all this publicity because he's black or because he's The Democratic nominee for president?
Barack Obama is going to Iraq in a few weeks and the trip will, of course have all of the media trying to get on board to interview Obama. You got all four major media outlet and most of the major newspapers and magazines also wanting some of the action. So, why all the excitement ? When John McCain toured in the war zone it wasn't hardly mention on the evening news. I read that network newscasts have already given Obama 114 minutes of coverage since June, to McCain's 48, according to some study. Obama has been on the front of Rolling Stone for the second time this year, and the cover of Us Weekly (both of which are owned by the company of a prominent Obama supporter, Jann S. Wenner) Those issues were among the best-selling magazines of the year. The deputy editor of Men's Vogue said that Obama what's called an interest driver. So, i…