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No Teaching Of The Bible In The Church.

For the time will come when they will NOT endure sound doctrine 2 Timothy 4:2. It seems as if that time has come especially at the Crystal Cathedral. It seem the difference between Robert H Schuller Sr and his son Robert A Schuller Jr, is that Jr was preaching his message from the Bible. It look like a Biblical revival was about to sweep over the Crystal Cathedral but, daddy said No more! Jr will not be preaching on the Hour of Power yet will still retain his status as Senior Pastor. That doesn’t make any sense! A Senior Pastor that can’t preach? Who would have every thought it? It seems like Sr. is now intent on have guest ministers fill the pulpit at the Crystal Cathedral. Sr. can easy find someone for that slot because there are plenty who don't teach from the Bible " hold up your Bible and repeat after me" We all no who that famous quote belong to. From reading different message boards Sr. don't want any more Bible based messages but instead more …