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"Is Gandhi in Heaven or Hell?"

The noise online surrounding  Pastor Rob Bell kinda  remind  me of a similar incident  years ago within the African-America faith community.....I can only think,conceive, guess imagine what would have happen to Bishop Carlton Pearson  if Twitter had been around when he embraced Universalism....Since Twitter wasn't around  the church and Bishop Carlton Pearson got together and discussed his views...Only after giving the Bishop a chance to explain his views is when the church took action.

Rob Bell is the pastor of over 15,000 souls mostly young people at Mars Hill church in Michigan.....Mr.Bell have written a new book "Love Wins"  A book About Heaven, Hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived......The new book will be in stores March 29th.....Any how, last week some Christan's took to Twitter to tweet about the new book and how Mr. Bell might be making a dangerous move into Universalism....Grant-it no one has read the entire book yet.....But if you watch the  …