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Rick Warren and Joel Osteen Are Part Of Oprah's Latest 'Lifeclass' !!

Oprah Winfrey's Life class program, just taped an episode in Houston that will feature Rick Warren and Joel Osteen.   As part of a six-week series of road stops to visit spiritual leaders and inspiring teachers, Oprah will launch a global discussion about self-worth struggles and dead ends with Pastor Joel Osteen of Houston's Lakewood Church and Pastor Rick Warren of The Purpose Driven Life fame, filming in the Hobby Center's Sarofim Hall.

While there has been no official confirmation that Oprah herself was there and everything has been kept very hush hush, she has made every other road stop in the Life class series. The FAQ information sheet for the Houston taping also asks that ticketed audience members do not bring any gifts for Oprah as they will not be accepted.

Spiritual Maturity: Can It Be Measure?

Rick Warren got in a little trouble on Twitter the other day when he tweeted: I challenge any church in America to match the spiritual maturity, godliness & commitment of any 500 members of Saddleback.That  tweet didn’t sit too well with some of his followers....Some welcomed the challenge.... Some said it was “pride”! Some say Rick have  a big EGO! Some say he should  apologize !! I don't no what Rick meant by the tweet but my question is:don't  we all serve the same King?
The Kingdom of God is not a competition between the people in the kingdom..... We are all in this together and should be working together to show the love of Christ-not how mature we are...Just how do you define spiritual maturity? How do you measure it?
Spiritual maturity is a process that begins when a person accepts Jesus Christ as Savior. He or she is born again of the Holy Spirit and then chooses to live "in Christ." The Apostle Paul said that spiritual growth is an ongoing process. (Philipp…