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Sister You Ain't Rich.

I believe that being rich is an illusion; that many people you think of as rich are really up to their eyeballs in debt and are one crisis away from disaster. I also think there is a difference between being rich and displaying your wealth for the world to see.

This is how I explain rich. Once you earn enough to meet your needs, when you are at the point where you can afford choices and luxuries you can choose to live within your means and be rich or outside your means and constantly worry about/be controlled by money. The crucial part is being able to meet your needs. Some people worth is measured by the items they own those items are important by pop culture and similarly shallow minded people. I got some working friends who for the life of me think that they are rich. PLEASE! If you out right own your home you are on your way to being rich but if you got fifty eleven credit cards in your wallet, sister you ain't rich.