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Have You Read Your Church Hand Book?

No! I am not talking about the Bible...I am talking about the hand book you receive as part of your welcome package at most churches... You know the one with the mission statement and the ( God ) pastor vision...Well anyway in May 2009 Carolyn Jackson lost her job at her church not for poor job performance, but because her tithing had dropped off...Carolyn says in a time of financial difficulty for her family, she stopped giving 10 percent of her income to the ministry, which many Christians believe is a biblical mandated....Carolyn didn't read the fine print in her handbook...It just happens that Revealing Truth Ministries requires employees to tithe.... It's noted in the handbook outlining mandatory staff prayer every morning before work..."Failure to do so may result in the following actions: Verbal and written warnings and/or immediate termination.""Because employees are often seen as role models by the church congregation, it is especially impor…