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Rev.Ike The Father Of The Prosperity Gospel.

To me Rev. Ike is the forefather of how to be a millionaire by using/ms-using the Word of God . A lot of todays prosperity teachers may not give him credit and honor for which he is due but they should. As a teenager growing up I heard of Rev. Ike and his ministry. Back then I didn't pay that much attention to it but today I can see how that teaching alone has affect/ effect the body of Christ. He was born in South Carolina when there was severe discrimination against African Americans in the United States. At a time when the United States was segregated, Rev. Ike was having faith teaching his sermons of prosperity to African Americans who were bound by racial discrimination. Back in the early days when African Americans suffered extreme persecution, Rev. Ike encouraged African Americans to believe in themselves and the higher being who provides riches and wealth to all mankind. When black churches resented his teachings and denounced his visitations. Rev. Ike say…