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4th Sunday ( Giving Love ) Rev. Al Sharpton

I wrote this post to say what I think of Rev. Al Sharpton . I think Rev. Al knows what his purpose is in this life and he operates in it. I Know that a lot of our people don't like Rev. Al. But if I had to call any one for help it would be him. He has a track record of during something that is more than what some of the trash talkers have done. Rev Al you are on the front line you have taken a knife in the chest for justice.
Wherever the poor and helpless are abused by the powerful; wherever the weak and disenfranchised are ignored and deprived; wherever injustice rears it’s ugly head and oppression tightens it’s fascist grip; one man will be there to give support to the poor, strength to the weak and solace to the oppressed. One man with the courage and determination to fight the battle against the forces of evil. That is Rev. Al Sharpton. Wherever there's a cause Rev. Al Sharpton is there. Sharpton a once Democratic presidnetial candidate is drawn to the plight of the underdo…