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What Has Caused This Movement Away From The GOP?

So what has caused this movement away from the GOP?Now I suspect that after eight years in the White House, the Republican party has became synonymous with the Bush administration, which also means it's synonymous with two wars, the recession, Hurricane Katrina, and some strong religion-based positions such as support for abstinence-only education, overturning Roe v. Wade, and bans on stem-cell research and same-sex marriage... Judging by the poll results, Americans who previously supported the Republican agenda and ideology are ready to try something new...According to a new Gallup poll, the Republican party has lost support in nearly every demographic of American society — be it low-income, high-income, college educated, male, female, southern, white, or nonwhite voters... Support remains steady only among frequent churchgoers...In the general population, Republicans trail Democrats in support by a 14-point margin, compared to an even split in 2001. Among women, support for the …

You Don't Have To Be A Republican To Be A Christian.

While growing up in the south I thought all Christians were Republicans that was until I realize the word "Republican" referred to politics...In my early teens I hadn't grasp the concepts of governments and political agendas, the correlation made perfect sense: Almost all the white kids in my school in the late 70's were Republicans and Christians so "Republican" must equal "Christian."

Even today people believe Christians have a specific political agenda, more specifically, a conservative Republican agenda...I have tired to demonstrate Christianity isn't a political party on this blog many of times but many have bought into the stereotype... When the term "religious right" is used, everyone knows it's really Christians--and not Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, or other religious practitioners--that are being referenced. Even "evangelical" is used to connote "conservative Republican.

How in the hell the word eva…