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Womb For Rent Is This Moral?

Should women rent their wombs out for cash? An article in Newsweek ask that question. The report explains that surrogacy is not a completely new development, citing historical sources. But the issue in the article is the growing commerce in surrogate motherhood, a reality the reporters acknowledge is "an act of love, but also a financial transaction." Indeed, surrogates now prefer to be known as "gestational carriers" -- a term that carefully avoids the more emotional (and natural) word, mother. The typical payment for a "gestational carrier" in the United States is $20,000 to $25,000. Surrogates carry babies (most now not their own biological child) for married couples, unmarried couples, gay and lesbian couples, and single adults of all walks of life.

The New York Times reported March 10, 2008 that women in India were resorting to "reproductive outsourcing" as a means of escaping poverty. The very idea of "reproductive outsourcing"…