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Is Deacon DMX About To Start A Church??

There's chatter on the net that Rapper DMX closed the last night of his concert in St. Louis Friday night with a soul wrenching testimony.  During his testimony the tormented, troubled, anguished, hurt  rapper said he has "come back stronger" and he's at a place where he can "fight off the devil with smoke and water."

DMX had never been one to shy away from the facts that he wants
to become a pastor. In an interview last year DMX stated he reads the Bible and had been ordained as a deacon at his church.
To be completely honest here if DMX decided to start a church tomorrow for whatever reason it could be, by the end of the month it would be full of people looking for something different. Check out the comment below.

"This brother is more gifted than he is twisted. As a matter of fact, I support his pastor move. The sincere calling to teach despite one's own shortcomings just shows how much potential that we have if we just listened to our hearts.&…