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I Am A Target!

"By this I know that thou favorest me"( Psalm 41:11). Satan doesn't want me to know that the favor is upon my life, and I have been blessed by God and given all the good things I enjoy. Actually he doesn't want me to think that God done anything for me. His lie is that I have no purpose, no power and no potential. You know that Satan really got me on those for years until I understood better. I understand I don't have a thing that God did not give me. I have blessing because the Lord is on my side. David understood that his enemies were attacking him because they could see the favor of God on his life. Do you understand that too? When I am under attack I don't under stand the reason for the attack and don't know how to respond. I be saying to my self why me Lord what did I do. I am blessed, that's why I am a target! They're jealous because of what God has done for me. How come they see it, but I don't? Have you been a target for Satan i…