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If You Can't Afford That House Then God Don't Want You To Have It.

The Prosperity Gospel is one of the fastest -growing movement in America. A lot of its followers are poor and black. Some are victims of the current credit crisis.Time reports, thatthe "Prosperity Gospel" preaches that God will "make way" for the poor to gain wealth, making believers easy prey for greedy mortgage brokers. Followers of this kinda teaching are told that donations to the church will be repaid by an assist from the divine. Critics say that the gospel appears to be set up for the prosperity of preachers, while others say the belief has a genuinely empowering message.

The faithful are thought to have been hit especially hard by the mortgage crisis. I believe some churches and pastors who preach the Prosperity Gospel have played a role in the recent mortgage crisis. The Prosperity Gospel is a primarily charasmatic movement that say God will bless you according to the measure of faith that you have in him. There are biblical texts that, whe…