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What Is A Prophetess?

I received an e-mail today from Prophetess Bynum maling list with information about some gig she's doing in the area. I was thinking about the word “prophet” which is a gender neutral noun, meaning “a person who speaks for God.” You can’t be a “prophetess,” that’s just ignorant stuff us black Church Folk made up. How many biblical prophet wander around calling himself a prophet? Now other people may called them a prophet. But to called your self one is another thing. So from my limit amount of understanding of the word of God isn't most spiritual gifts, for a time and a season? We also know God can use whomever He wishes. You may have the gift of prophecy today and never exercise that gift again in your lifetime. Lets take the “prophetess” Bynum for example if she was still operating in her gift she would have known that her husband was going to go off on her. In the body of Christ why can't we just be us? and let others worry about what to call us. You kno…