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A System That Is Profiting Off Of Black Men. The Prision

Blog family you all know that my son is incarcerated and waiting for his sentencing. The system is messed up. He could only have stuff that was still in the original package. 6 white tee shirts, 6 pair of boxers white, 6 pair of socks white, no gray on the toe. Clear deodorant , stamps and 1 box of envelops. They provide the ink pen which are collapsible He can not receive any more items. Ok I took him a pair of sneaker they would not even except/accept them because they were not new. You have to take the strings out of all shoes. They can not call unless they buy minutes from a company call inmate solution. They charges 3.00 for 15 minutes. Do you think that young black men has made the prison system a profitable business? I say it is because a small town about 50 miles for my city just built a prison 1 year ago and is in the process of adding 450 more beds. Some thing is wrong with this picture. This I will say, the generation that is coming after this one has a lot of clean…