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"Princess Boy"

First thing first, I’m all for any one expressing themselves.....but this particular  story caught my eye...this parent is doing this little boy a huge disservice by not only allowing this but celebrating's  wrong for parents  to specifically coach their child from a young age to live outside of societal  norms.... it's unfair and it's unwise...I know adults are responsible for the choices they make but when it’s a child who's responsible for their choices? is it wrong for parents to expect their son/daughter to stick to traditional gender roles? if a parent doesn't approve of gender role switching   do it mean the parent  is somehow suppressing their child  creativity? I don’t think so, but that seems to be the message I personal got from the clip of the  show...the audience applauds this little boy  for seemingly being completely confused about his gender.

The boy’s mother says her “Princess Boy” was attracted to shiny things before the age of tw…