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Rev. Al Sharpton Is Not A Racist.

There's a lot of chatter on the net about The Rev.Al Sharpton being called a racist. In which I 100% total disagree with. The statement Rev. Al made at the memorial services for MJ was point on. And when you listen to the interview he had with Dr. Dyson on that same day then you can understand were he was coming from and why he made such a bold statement.

Rev. Al Sharpton, sits down with Dr. Dyson to discuss his memories of the King of Pop. “Michael Jackson made culture accept a person of color, way before Tiger Woods, way before Oprah Winfrey, way before Barack Obama. Michael did with music what they later did in sports and in politics, and in television. And no controversy will erase the historic impact,“ Sharpton said. A commemorative postage stamp is being sought out by Rev. Sharpton in honor of the late Michael Jackson.
Rev. Sharpton and Dr. Dyson also discuss the rise and fall of Michael’s career and life time of trials and tribulations.“I hope Michael will get th…