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Does God Answer All Prayers?

Do God call us at times to pray for others? And if we do not respond to this call and do not pray for others, are we sinning? What do you pray for? Praying does it really help? Can you pray for anything? Does God answer all prayers? These question has been around since the beginning of time... Some say yes and some say no.. So, who is right? I guess it kinda depends on your faith in God and what you have learned about God, no matter whom you perceive to be your God... I am not talking about praying in the context of a specific religion... Religion is an organized set of beliefs we have created to govern our actions and how we think God wants us to conduct ourselves... No matter what religion or denomination we follow, we pray mostly because God says to do so.

I believe that God does indeed answer every prayer. It may not be the answer we are looking for, but He does answer in His own way and in His own time. Often times we expect fast results in which it might take a lifetime t…