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President Alan Chambers Of Exodus International Have Issued An Apology To The LGBT Community For The Hurt and Pain That Have Been Inflicted Upon Them By The Organization.

I just came across the news that Exodus International, the world's largest "ex-gay" and pray-away-the-gay ministry was closing its doors.
After 37 years the organization whose main mission was to "help" gay Christians become straight, is shutting down.

The ex-gay ministry "EXODUS" which was launched in the late 70's that went on to grow to more than 200 branches, churches and counselors in the United States and Canada, is now calling it quit. With the organization founder issuing an apology for the pain in which it had caused thousands of people.
 "We're not negating the ways God used Exodus to positively affect thousands of people, but a new generation of Christians is looking for change -- and they want to be heard," Tony Moore, an Exodus board member. Bishop Carlton Pearson asked his Facebook followers the following question yesterday:Can we pray the gay away and should we try any longer to?