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If God Can Use Any Body Then Why Can't He Use Evangelist Porsha Stewart?

God is God right? And if He be God and no one can stop Him, why can't He use someone like Evanglist Porsha Stewart for His purpose? From the clip I have posted below it look like back in the day, before marrying Kordell Stewart, Evanglist Porsha Williams was spreading the word of God. The clip show Ms. Stewart speaking at a Easter sunrise service, and some of the comments I've seen in regard to this clip is out of this world.

 It amazes the heck out of me how folk  will say God can and will use a whorish preacher-man  that's sleeping with the congregation. Then in the same breath proudly turn around and say God can't and won't use a naive young woman like Porsha Stewart. Why?  I tell you what!  I rather be used by God than used by man, since we all know God use us for our future good and not for His personal agendas, since He does not have one.  So, why can't God use a Porsha Stewart?