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Is Your Piercing Worth Your Job?

I am not attacking any one who has piercing. But if you worked for a company that had adopted a no piercing policy and, you have a piercing what would you do quit or remove it? And it's your dream job. And by the way I can clearly see it.
Nose? Eyebrow? Tongue? Are some facial piercings more acceptable than others? Is it about the location? What about earrings on guys? Is there an age limited to piercing?
You know that CBS gave Ed Bradley hell about his earring when he 1st gotten it.

I won't judge a person base on a piercing but, when they are all over your face. You kinda question why. In my area I see a lot of young white kids with piercing. Some are in the medical field. Is there a double standard when it comes to somethings?