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Where Did Man Creative Ability Come From?

Where did man  appreciation for art, music, literature and poetry come from? I have always had a love for science....When I was in school science was my favorite subject....I remember science telling  us that we came to be  an accident of nature.
Science also tell us that we evolved from a lower form of life. They say that one-day for no particular reason, life began....We're taught about survival of the fittest, how man basically made it to the top of the food chain.....We are told that though natural selection the traits that we needed evolved and the ones that we did not need died out.

Today I am not here to argue about how we got here per se, but I want you to think about something with me....lets look at one of the Attribute of Our Awesome God....the attribute of CREATIVITY....When you and I look at the animal kingdom, we don't see creativity....Robins sing the same song, Blue Jays sing the same song.... Beavers build the same kind of dam...Spiders of the same type build th…