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Paula White's Son Don't Like The Fact His "MOM" Was Call A 'Fal$e Teacher$.'

On Wednesday, a representative of e-mailed Wade-O Radio an open letter from Paula White’s son, Bradley Knight, addressed to Shai Linne in response to his song Fal$e Teacher$. The unedited letter is here.  There's a heated debate going on that suggests Shai Linne should have reached out instead of calling out the different pastors.

I remembered a couple of years ago when this was a very hot topic. When, Pastor John MacArthur was asked about calling folks out by name, he explains how Jesus named the names of false teachers and how this is the job of all Biblically minded Christians and true shepherds. What do you think?

UPDATE: Shai Linne gives an excellent response to Paula White Son Brad open letter.