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Jesus Take The Wheel: This Has Got To Be The Worse Advice Your Servant Pat Robertson Have Ever Given!!??!?!

I believe this got to be television personality Pat Robertson worst advice thus far.  Pat Robertson stepped into a big ole mess yesterday by telling a female caller that disobedient wives should be spanked by their husbands. Source Here!

On a segment on the long-running 700 Club the 83-year-old Robertson explained to a woman seeking relationship advice that an occasional slap in the rear is the clearest path to marital bliss. In honesty Pat need to drop the mic and walk away before he ruin his legacy forever.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Pat Robertson Is Taking The Last Two Dollars From The Poor!

Lord have mercy Pat Robertson doesn't never give up.  On Monday Pat encouraged families who could not pay their bills to become "partners" of his ministry by sowing $20 a month into his pocket.  In other words,  Pat is asking a family of 4 who has lost their home and is bankrupt for $240 a year. Now for me that just don't make sense.