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How Important Is Looks?

How important is it that your Man of God look nice? Would you personal purchase clothes for him to look good? Can you receive better from some one that is well dress, oppose to some one that is not? I ask that because if image is everything then well dress would be important. If you are telling me about a God that can provide all my needs plus some and you are not showing it I might have a problem receiving that. I think how a person dress is a sign of wealth too. Even back in the old church pastors dressed nice. I know that dress has nothing to do with the word of God but a well dress person might hold your attention longer. Some pastors prefer robes to suits.

The word don't change weather in a suit and tie or a robe. If it don't matter then why all the talk about how some men of God dress? Mr. Jamal Bryant is the one that's alway comes up on discussion's boards. He is picked apart for his look more than for his doctrine ,Why?