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Billboards Are Not A Good Way To Evangelize!

Every idea isn't a God idea. I have a problem with any church who try to use billboards as a tool for evangelism, it doesn't work.  Case and point, this particular billboard by this particular  church is a complete  failure. Let me tell you why! Any time you are your church, have to go back, and try to explain the message that you have paid a billboard good tithe money to say. It's a sure sign that the message was, none accomplished , none achieved , error and a failure.

A church in Birmingham, Ala., has confronted patrons of a gentleman's club in the area with a massive billboard that boldly reads, "Strip for Me," but it's not asking what you think.

 According to Pastor Mike McClure Jr., 29, of The Rock Church that paid to have the billboard placed next door to the Palace Gentleman's Club, the message piggybacks on the advice given to Christians in the New Living Translation of Hebrews 12:1.