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What Is A Personal Prayer Package?

Bet is in the business of making money I know...But why sell air time to a over religious  man?....I know to make money!!....It's folk like this that give the church a bad name...Now Pastor Kerney is a  real pastor  worst nightmare.... And I mean, he's typical of most all stereotype that you've ever seen and heard of when it comes to black pulpit pimps pastors....Now Pastor Kerney's "GAAAAAAAAAAAWD." literally  woke me up at 3 o'clock this morning....I could not go back to sleep.
Pastor Kerney was screaming  yelling speaking  in tongues praying  and shouting  shucking  and jiving all for God.... While selling free "personal prayer  packages"...Now  his "products" are free by way of the Miracle Prayer Line....You can also donate or "sow a seed by check or credit card" because "this is not a debt you owe but a seed you sow and when you sow it.God will grow it!"