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Jesus Take The Wheel: Pastor Joel Osteen Have Left The Christian Faith!

Lord have mercy, why are folks trying to do-in Pastor Joel Osteen? Pastor Joel Osteen name was trending on "Twitter" early today with rumors he had walked away from the Christian community because of a lack of faith.  "A special message from Pastor Joel Osteen" was posted explaining his decision to leave the Church:
I have "been accused of altering the 'message' to fit my own doctrine and dogma. Others have accused me of preaching 'feel good Christianity'. I have also been accused of profiting greatly from my ministry, with my books and television deals.
Fortunly for the mega church pastor and his followers this was nothing but a false story and an internet hoax.  Whosoever devised the elaborate hoax did a good job at fooling a lot of folks. Is a hoax considered a lie?