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Jesus Take The Wheel:“Pastor Jamal Bryant Rebukes EBONY Magazine"

Pastor Jamal Bryant is highly piss with an article in Ebony Magazine March issue and rightly so. It look like  Ebony Magazine has made some false claims against Pastor Bryant that are not true. The magazine has state that Pastor Bryant had  impregnated a 17-year old member of his church a couple of years ago.

The pastor stated in an open letter to the magazine that  this was a big lie and the magazine need to get it’s facts correct, because misinformation like this could cause harm to his girls. 

I believe Ebony Magazine is wrong here for stating the age of the young women in question, especially if the young woman was older than 17.  Ebony Magazine do need to get there facts straight if that was not the case.  I can understand why this truly would not sit well for a man who has daughters. Update Here!