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Have We No Shame?

Have Disney lost their mines? I wonder have they seen Paris most famous "movies" online, which she later sold DVDs of for profit? Surely, they are aware of them. Is there no shame left in us these days? Does it not give them pause that they are actually considering the star of "One Night in Paris" (put out by Red Light District Video--hello . . .? to play the lead in a Disney film for young kids? You don't have to be a Christian to know that this is completely inappropriate. Were are the parents? Why aren't parents contacting Disney and telling them we won't have it? Would you let your kids watch a movie with a porn star playing a fairy tale character? There are plenty of more deserving and actually talented actresses without resorting to casting this woman. We owe our children more than this. Who would you select for this role? Here are 4 that I would suggest: