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Happy Palm Sunday!

Palm Sunday marks Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem as a humble king on a colt, on his way to death on a cross. As he enters, people spread their clothes on the road along with branches (traditionally depicted as palm branches) while shouting “Hosanna” or “save now.” Jesus’ entry can be viewed as the beginning of a victory march towards death and over death, which is why the people cried out “save” to him. Though Jesus is ultimately on his way to the cross, there is still a mood of celebration on Palm Sunday because there is a recognition that Jesus is “King Jesus” and, ultimately, he wins the victory, and he is the only who can save us. On Palm Sunday, many black churches focus their attention on salvation, or victory, through Jesus Christ; one may even hear “Ride on King Jesus, no man can a-hinder me” while palm branches are waved in the air.King of Glory. By Fred Hammond