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Is Today's Christian Outdated?

Growing up the holiness church I attended had what they call “standards.” They taught that "Standards" were practical applications of the biblical principles of holiness, modesty and separation from worldliness.  "Standards" as  relating to clothing and entertainment were the most common standard that was taught back then. For example no pants, jewelry,makeup,card playing,worldly dancing,dating etc..Holiness, modesty and separation from worldliness were required back then according to the Bible and some.

Buffalo, NY native, Alexis Spight has skyrocketed in the past few months after being crowned the 1st runner up in BET’s highly successful reality television series, Sunday Best. The 19 year old “preacher’s kid” has wowed audiences nationwide with her vocal ability, distinctive style, signature red hair and transparent
  sincerity.Download the free single "Steady" here.