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Is Obama Black Or bi-racial?

I see CNN is trying to say Obama is not black but bi-racial. He was consider a black man before becoming the Democrats nominee now all of a sudden he's not. I believe people have a right to define themselves as they see fit. Just as I support any bodies claim to be mixed based on their own agenda, I support Obama's claim to be black based on his. Why not? If Obama is saying, 'I have one African parent and one European parent, but who I am has been shaped by the identity, politics, socio-economic realities and aspirations of black people more than white, why shouldn't we respect that? I think it's stupid to try to say he should say he's bi -racial.
Most people of African Ancestry in America are of mixed race they are NOT 100% African. We as a people are mixed with white and native American so why can't I call my self bi-racial? Is it because I am too dark?