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Obama Is Wrong!

Why did Obama disown Rev. Wright? Because White America told him too. When Rev. Wright said that Louis Farrakhan was a great man and that Black America listen to him when he spoke. I knew from that comment white america wanted him gone. The way it look to me he should have keep his focus on his campaign he did not have to answer the media. Now they want to know why he stayed so long in Trinity United Church of Christ. How will he answer that question. Will he say that Michell won't let him leave or he was never present when he spoke. It's nothing wrong with Pastor Wright teaching. I would love to have sit under some great teaching like that. Rev. Wright made a statement about one day giving an account unto God for this life and I agree that his calling was not to assure Obama became the first Black President his call was to tell people about Christ. He's old enough to know about the evils in America. America is a hateful country that strives on hate. They…