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God Love Diversity

There are people asking weather or not the Obamas should seek out a Black Church. Personal I don't see a problem if they did. I don't have a problem with been segregated on Sunday morning either. Different cultures have different distinctive. They are all good. They reflect the diverse nature of God. I believe all Christian worship the same God but we celebrate him through different means (different languages, expressions, music, cultural contextualization). There’s diversity in unity. It’s a beautiful thing. If you put a diverse group of people together each group will move toward what's familiar. Most multi-ethnic churches are led by white pastors any way ( Joel Osteen,Charles Stanley....). How many churches with over 60% white or others, that are pastured by a black man? I can't name one. A congregation typically becomes all-black if a black pastor is hired. Why? What if Obama chose a Multi-Ethnic Church would that be OK with America? Some whi…