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Soledad O'Brien Next Black In America: The Black Church And Faith.

There's  talk that Soledad O'Brien next black in America will deal with  "The Black Church and Faith"...Faith is a strong leading  force in the lives of many African Americans...And for that reason alone I am hoping Ms.O'Brien the best...Lord! I don't no what Ms.O'Brien  is getting her self into messing with black folks and faith....Any way, Black in America 1 drew fire from many, as some thought the program showcased negative stereotypes of black life in an attempt to score ratings....Some  believed CNN exploited African-American's  and helped feed into the unsavory image of minorities in this country.   First thing first! All Black churches are not alike....They are as different as the communities  they are located  in....When I speak of the "Black Church" I am speaking of   the church that was  instrumental in building  my faith....and at the same time instill in me hope to hang on in there...That's the Black Church that I love and su…