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Are Preachers Kids Expected To Embrace The Same Vision As Their Fathers?

Fred Price, founder of one of the nation's first black mega churches and an icon of the faith movement....stepped  aside in  March 2009 and handed the control of the church over  to his son Fred Jr.who's now the senior pastor of  Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC) in Los Angeles. Robert H. Schuller, known for the weekly broadcast “Hour of Power,” turned over the Crystal Cathedral pulpit to his son and then his daughter....Televangelist Joel Osteen inherited Houston’s Lakewood Church and its TV ministry from his late father, John Osteen. Jerry Falwell Sr.’s sons, Jonathan and Jerry Jr., took over leadership of Thomas Road Baptist Church and Liberty University, respectively, after his if the vision of the church change with new leadership do you leave that particular  church? or do you stay and embrace the new vision?

What if the new pastor don't teach about: hell, the Holy Spirit,  sin, Satan, Jesus as the God-man, and salvation? What if his views on homosexuality, …