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Music That Had A Message and Purpose.

Music with a message is what we as a people used to think about.
Were is the message in todays music?

A Negro Spiritual is a song created by American slaves before emancipation, often expressions of religious faith, and quite often served as political protests veiled as assimilation to white, American culture.

How many Negro Spirituals do YOU know?
Here are a few deep, heartfelt Negro Spirituals that can help you feel more connected to the essence of the black experience in this country. Many of the Negro Spirituals are sophisticated in their lyrical content and contain hidden references and codes to passageways via the Underground Railroad.
For example:
(Wade in the Water)
If you don't believe I've been redeemed
God's gonna trouble the water
I want you to follow him on down to Jordan stream
(I said) My God's gonna trouble the water
You know chilly water is dark and cold
(I know my) God's gonna trouble the water
You know it chills my body but not my soul
(I said my) God's …