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What's Makes A Good Mother?

The Old Black Church would like to
honor all the moms who sit up all night comforting sick toddlers and crying infants; who show up at work with shadows under their eyes and stains on their blouses and diapers in their handbags. Mothers who go without, so that their family doesn't have to. Mom who show up at prison on Sunday morning instead of at church.

Mothers who never stop praying for their kids no matter how old they get. What make a good mother anyhow? I will say one with a lot of patience and compassion. Congratulation too all the mothers in the world and especially to my Mother and Grandmother who is in heaven and also to my daughter who is a great mother to my Gabby. My 5 sisters and my 2 nieces. Happy Mother Day To all.
Do you have fond memories of your mother? Please say something nice to your mother today tomorrow might be to late.