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Is Jay Z Mocking GOD By Calling Himself The God?

Some one sent me an email with that question along with a picture of this tee shirt... Now if you notice the word "GOD" is in cap Why?.... I am sure Jay Z doesn't have in his mind, "omnipotent, omnipresent,omniscient" or "Creator" To me Jay Z like most rappers today are promoting himself probably as the greatest rapper, whether he is or not you have to be the judge of that because that's not what this post is about....This is about how unsaved people see our God....Now we Christians have an entirely different concept of "God" or even "god" than say, Jay-Z.... I am sure in his head he's in no way trying to compete with the Supreme God of all Creation...He's just bragging!...Now someone who is in Christ would recognize that "God" is sacred and untouchable.... That any taking of His nature (God) and applying it to ourselves would be blasphemy....So, Jay Z using this language simply demonstrates that …