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Prayerful Monday (Question) Why So Many Mistakes?

Do you ever find yourself asking: Why have I made so many mistakes in my life? Why must I seem to always learn the hard way? Why has my life not turned out the way I envisioned? Why have I experienced so much disappointment and pain? Why do I sometimes feel so different from everyone else? It just doesn’t seem like other Christians struggle with the things that I do. Why have I become so cynical regarding life? What has happened to the joy that I once experienced as a Christian?

I believe that I really don’t matter to God very much. I would affirm that he loves the world and that he is a loving God. However I am convinced that somehow I am disqualified to fully receive his love. I sometimes say that he loves the world but then think that I have messed up too much Sure God forgives, but I abandon my children and I know that he will always hold that against me. Sure God forgives, but I had an affair yesterday I never dreamed that I would do something like that

Sure God forgives, but…