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Joe Scarborough And Mika Brzezinski Stop Using Code Words

Hey! do anyone watch Morning Joe beside me? They seem to be on a mission like their counterpart Fox and that is to mislead the country by putting out false information:
Mika Brzezinski claim that funding for "welfare programs" included in the recovery bill, such as "food stamps and helping low income people pay for college," would not stimulate the economy. In fact, economists have said that programs that provide aid to state governments and individuals would, in the words of Congressional Budget Office director Douglas W. Elmendorf, "have a significant impact on GDPLet me get this right, the republicans held the White House for the last 8 years, and congress for 12. Their economic policies are what brought us to the current situation. So this last November, Every Americanswas given the option of 4 more years of the same economic policies But we smart Americans decided for change and hope. Now you got the pissed-off folks on the right fighting aga…